Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Summer Bounty at 8th Street Greens

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8th Street Greens!

Celery plant are well mulched and looking fantastic!

Peppers enjoy the morning sun after spending cozy growing time under row cover fabric.

Pretty Purple Pepper Plants! Say it five times fast.

One sweet red pepper hides in a plant of ripening peppers.

Blossoms turn into green beans.

Cherry tomatoes ripen on sturdy hog wire fencing.

Can you find the pie pumpkin?

Japanese eggplant; a long, skinny relative of the plumper version.

Good lookin' melons this year!

From left: Summer squash, hot peppers, green beans, and leeks. What a variety of vegetables!

Try stuffed squash blossoms as a special dish this summer.

8th Street Greens truly is a family farm. Walt, Shannon's dad, builds a trellis for the blackberry bushes that originated from Shannon's grandpa.

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