Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spring Preparations

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Today is March 27th.  We're feeling springtime real strong now and are excited for this 2012 season!  A big part of this time of year for 8th Street Greens is anticipating CSA sign-ups.  

An 8th Street Greens full share box with cheese option and extra fruit option from Fall 2011.
Photo credit: Phoebe Webb

To receive a printable CSA brochure/sign-up form by email, or to receive a paper brochure in your mail/post office box  please contact me at or by phone at (509) 422-1620.  I have just blanketed the Okanogan County with brochures, so you might see one about town.    Also, I'm letting everyone know that I can take food stamps this year!  Our listing at has a thorough description of the CSA, including pricing info.  The Local Harvest site is an excellent tool for us farmers and customers.

Shannon tills the soil with her Ferguson tractor.
We started planting seeds for starts in the greenhouse in early March.  That was a glorious winter day, snow falling and hundreds of robins singing about it, whilst I in the greenhouse planting sweet peppers, spicy peppers, tomatoes, shallots, leeks, eggplant, and sweet peas.  Those are all up now and some are ready to be transplanted into bigger pots!

Photo credit: Shannon Gilbert

The photo below show the fields planted with seeds of sugar snap peas, 4 kinds of spinach, myriad green and red lettuces, hardy greens like chard, kales and bok choys, and the spicy mustards and some herbs.  They are all tucked in  under their blankets, looking forward to the rain that'll happen this week!   Yes, folks, delicious salad greens will be in their glory in a handful of weeks!!!

Photo credit: Shannon Gilbert

Many more flats have been planted in the greenhouse.  Several types of cabbages, Happy Rich greens for broccoli florets, Shanghai Green for a baby type of Pac Choi, cilantro, dill and basil, De Cicco broccoli, and more flats yet to seed. Their sweet little heart shaped leaves reach out to the sides like a hug to the sky and sunshine that they love.  Their roots are warm, resting in the heat boxes and their leaves are enjoying the cool spring air.

Photo Credit: Shannon Gilbert
Photo Credit: Shannon Gilbert
Photo Credit: Shannon Gilbert

We'll  post again in about a month.  Thanks for visiting and we'll see ya around!  Best for You  in These Spring Time Months!                                                                            ~~Shannon